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On the topic of whether English song English learning, there is no consensus. Some think, music as a international of language carrier, speech popular understand and are for British beauty people daily terms can heard and be imitation of, best can in daily in the be using; another party of views also immediately appeared, because music in singing Shi is to by tunes (because songs of need and change some words of General pronunciation) and rhythm (changes words order to rhymes hezhe) limit of, again plus now black rap songs in the English of dirty of appeared, So sometimes a song can not very well reflect the English proper grammar and accurate expression, more difficult as listening practice. Although not uniform views, but the views of experts and professors, one thing is agreed upon, namely: do not use it as a main course does not use it as listening material and leisure time to listen and read the lyrics, go beyond read when boredom. This selection is for everyone from the United States band Wham's Last Christmas. Single band you've probably never heard of, see the song title you may have limited knowledge of this word. Famous Wham is the 80 's of the last century only and was known as the King of Pop Michael Jackson compete with the band, their record is their first foreign commercial performances Concert Orchestra to China, back in 1985 (with you at that time? Hehe) they on has boarded has Beijing workers Stadium of stage, to they rock of attitude shocked has at is makeover of Chinese, and for zhihou series of foreign artists of to China performances paved the has road; this first Last Christmas you as long as a listening to also certainly will said seems in where listening to had, because this first song was turned sing had of version on has down 50 a and this song is Beijing most night shop DJ help field will put tracks, also was as had XX of advertising tunes in CCTV play had.
Many students when they are first exposed to double, told me that the children they don't know, don't know why you want to use double-don't know when can add to without. I would tell them to listen Wham's Last Christmas. With all that said, we still read the lyrics first (just to analyze the first section):
Last Christmas, I gave you my heartBut the very next day you gave it awayThis year, to save me from tearsI''ll give it to someone specialLast Christmas----by Wham read the first sentence and the last sentence line callout, Good relationship reflects the double-gave you my heart (give SB. sth) and give it to someone special (give sth to SB). In English there are many definitions of the grammar points you don't have to remember them (remember the definition itself is boring, not to mention the test does not ask you what these definitions), just remember a few examples of words can (really do not find the mind, define the rule in these cases). We will understand more clearly:
Called the doc is:
A. many transitive verbs can have two objects, namely a direct object (Direct object) and the indirect object (Indiret object), direct objects are usually involved in things, indirect object said to whom, or for Whom, usually men. Verbs with give, show, send, bring, lend, tell, return, write, pay, teach, make, buy, find, and so on. Usually indirect objects in front, followed by the verb, but to emphasize direct object, it can also be placed after the verb, but before the indirect object. At this time, before indirect object, you must use a preposition to or for.
B. give SB sth=give sth to SB clearly, both in quantity and saying in simple extent, b than a much more attractive and accessible. More from songs to better reflect what is double and double and its usage. Give you my heart is the first sentence of b give SB sth, you are here in the word SB;my heart is sth here and give it to someone special the last sentence was double-perfect interpretation of another give sth to SB, pronouns replace it refers to my heart, sth;Someone SB special is here (note the preposition to forget). As for the other similar apply double use of the word, just sang this song in a low voice when the problem can be readily solved, for example, Last Christmas, I lend you my heart/But the very next day you gave it away/This year, to save me from tears/I''ll what do lend it to someone special, music ... … Then look at other points.
1. Last Christmas the last two in meaning. One is "the last" second as "last, last", new 2 part 3 sentences also reflects the two different meanings of the word. The text at the beginning of Last Summer, I went to Italy in the last "last, last year's" the meaning of while in the third sentence of the text On the last day, I made a big decision in the last "final" means.
2. the next day the next day, and tomorrow is the difference of points, which different reference objects. For example, the following example I will fly to Rome for a transfer of tomorrow, and the next day I will go to London by air. First part transfer to Rome tomorrow is today; the last half sentence flew to London the day after tomorrow, do not mix one finally said very, this word here is just to emphasize that I just showed you, you give others the next day, short time.
3. give it away, I listen to Western music within a bar rarely seen in more than 10 years for a word (give) repeated three times. Give sth away can be understood literally, means ' given away ' of Italy, often throw away and can be understood as agreed.
4. how to express last year next year this year? This section explained the lyrics are quite clear. Last year last year; this year this year; next year next year. The same way similar, such as previous month next month and you should be too.
5. Save...from is a very important sentence. Here, save to ' avoid, remove (happen unpleasant things) ' meaning, from the preposition ' ... From ' means to save me from tears mean translation ' in order to make me weep. Students are more familiar with prevent/keep/stop...from ... Stop ... ... ;protect...from... Protection ... From the (dangerous, disaster) ... ;free...from... From to.
6. the last sentence uses the future tense will. And the SB used the adjective (Special) modified personal indefinite pronouns (someone) put the rule detail when reading whole again we look at the four words. Why would an ordinary song used to double in two forms, and not simple just write hezhe rhyme into it? Which reflects the lyrics of the heart, but also taught us a written reason: use the same types of words, phrases and even sentences to express a meaning, which not only increase the diversity of your article also make marking your article doesn't have the same sense of a sentence with the word languor. Writing spell is a vocabulary and sentence patterns, but the fight is by no means but the amount of quality and distinction.