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  Hot as the global business school into the admissions season, United States Educational Testing Service announced today that currently has more than 1000 branches worldwide business school MBA course recognized the new GRE? General test scores. United States educational testing service Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Department of higher education David Payne said: "almost every day there are new schools authorized GRE score. Such rapid growth has also proved a test of popularity. These schools for their MBA and masters degree program to recruit outstanding candidates – they realize that GRE candidates with high quality, a wide range of features. Many business schools give us positive feedback, they said that enrollment at a time, were very happy to see more and more applicants have a GRE score. "Even top schools like Harvard Business School and now also to the students announced that they accept GRE scores.
The students around the world is good news, because the new GRE? General test has obvious advantages. But compared with other entrance examinations, GRE exam outside of lower cost, students will also benefit from the GRE exam the various candidate-friendly design, such as preview/review and quantitative reasoning sections provide screen calculator. Earlier this year, GRE also launched ScoreSelectSM new service that allows the examinee from previous test scores optional GRE scores sent to the designated school.
Another well received by candidates because, GRE scores while in graduate school and business school accreditation, which means they only have to take a test to a variety of academic and career choices. Over more than 1000 business schools currently authorized GRE score have top MBA programs in the world, selected by the financial times Global MBA 2012 approved by seven of the top ten business schools GRE scores. In addition, the United States news and world report named United States 85% accept GRE scores in top business schools, including Duke University, Iowa University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison school of business.
Around the world, many GRE score universities joined the rapid development of global networks, recently joined the University including the Asian Institute of management, Fudan University and Taiwan University, Rotterdam School of management, Dallas Roma University, Sun Yat-sen University Management College and the University of Cambridge. Filipino Rey Reyes, Director of admissions at Asian Institute of management, referring to the recently endorsed the decision of GRE scores at his school said: "the GRE has been from all areas of a broad range of potential applicants accepted.
This universality helps us to diversify the teaching, which is required for the case teaching method.
France European Institute of business administration marketing, enrollment and financial aid directors Pejay Belland said: "by authorized GRE score in the admissions, now we become more wide range of students, students with different features. This ongoing diversification helps students develop skills inside and outside the classroom, which is essential to future business leaders and entrepreneurs. ”