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And to has School of season, and cannot enjoy to play and relax has, face is coming of new semester, although some children still can hold with unlimited of looks forward to and joy, but also has many children heart "alone has more uncomfortable has", lazy of mood received not back, moment cannot will spirit concentrated in job Shang and school Qian of all prepared work, even appeared has weariness mood, in micro-interview in the, many parents are said out on children of "school integrated syndrome" was worried, Jeremy in his professional knowledge and a unique perspective, a positive discussion with the parents. Following is a micro-interview:
User: parents should help their children prepare a book?
Jeremy: If there is a chance of course, is best able to preview it in the new year with your children to learn what knowledge is. Many colleges are at school learning outline, to buy books, and so on, parents should tell their children look at the preview to learn new knowledge, encourages children in the new year and get good grades.
User: learned the previous day will be very sad ... Inexplicably irritable to do?
Jeremy: a good way is to look at the films, such as Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and so on, each time I wanted to go back to school; then there is talk to your classmates or friends call a contact, we haven't met for a long time, there must be lots of interesting things waiting in the summer vacation schools share.
User: upset stomach early love creep, is a syndrome?
Jeremy: going back to school, the pace of life and pressure are changed all of a sudden, stomach discomfort is natural. Especially now, when many children are used to the holiday to get up late, skip breakfast, and then went back to school, it's easy to have abdominal discomfort after the breakfast. Conscious eating high-fibre breakfast like cereal and slowly.
Users: United States school syndrome and what's different?
Jeremy: United States children summer is long, ordinary travel or holiday exercise to join the school team; school children so they have SARS not remember last year after the class learned knowledge, especially knowledge content; teachers to take time to review review.
User: teacher, I would like to ask, how can I tell teachers OK? There should be a favorite teacher?
Jeremy: there should be regular evaluation, whether it be learning anything, there should be a periodic test; only the child has made progress to say this is a good teacher. Early English test (voice-sensitive, such as Phonics) DIBELS test should be done.
User: whether children should be in school when parents have a meeting, telling parents how to adjust your child's attitude, for their readiness to go back to school?
Jeremy: back to school should be a very happy thing, United States school sports competitions last term to the start of school, such as American football, etc for each school, school is their mascot and cheering Assembly is convened with all students (PEP rally), shouting "we're the best" slogan.
User: school, children can't study, parents how to inspire and guide children?
Jeremy: parents should have some patience for children; each school year is a marathon. You will find many different American textbook lessons are scheduled at the beginning of the revision of the old knowledge, this is also a warm-up process; only when children realize they have in the past year I have learned a lot of new knowledge, they will have the confidence to accept challenges of the new academic year.
User: kids holiday syndrome, teachers and parents guide is the key to how we should let the child go back to a normal school life, what parents should do about it?
Jeremy: starting from simple daily life: take the kids to the great shopping, buy new clothes, notebooks, erasers, bags and so on; most major shopping malls at this time would lovingly furnished, creating a happy atmosphere, I believe also has a great influence on a child's mind.
User: Please ask the teacher, school children in grade 1 do you need to add some extra remedial classes?
Jeremy: this depends on the child's needs, and family expectations; more important at this stage is not to kill the child of the new curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.
User: learning a foreign language is not a language environment can put it?
Jeremy: according to bloom's taxonomy, memory, understanding is the application; still have to have a deep understanding of using a foreign language-immersion learning environment.