How to improve oral English ability

Improve oral English is a lot of people learning English the purpose of language is used to communicate, say, expressed in clear language is qualified.    Best way to improve your spoken English is, of course, looking for one-on-one training sessions in Beijing, Beijing oral English training courses now available on the overwhelming, so what good teaching oral English training institutions? First of all teachers have a professional teaching certificate, that is, his teaching qualifications. Currently in China TESOL, TEFL and TESL certificate has been mixed, differences that are not strictly the three, be regarded as teacher certification.  At present in colleges and universities and a bit of professional English Training Center for the recruitment of foreign teachers will require one of three certificates. And then look for the teacher really is the mother tongue English, don't look at the color of his skin, nationality.  To know many whites do not speak standard English, there are a lot of people from non-English-speaking immigrants to English-speaking countries, it is possible to mother tongue is not English. Compared to last and a teaching certificate, teaching experience is more important. Our best teachers with teaching experience in China, because of their better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of Asians learn English, knows what we need most is, they summed up often is that we learn the most common problems.