For the interest of children English education education

However, in the teaching of English now, since the majority of teachers without training in English teaching method, no concept of basic English teaching method, preparation for class does not take into account the child's physiological and psychological characteristics and timing needs, directly causing premature most children lose interest in English.
Therefore, I concluded at the children's English education:
, Interesting educational interest is people like certain types of activities or seek to understand certain things. Interest can be divided into direct and indirect interest in two ways. Direct interest on interest arising from the thing itself felt the need, when people came into contact with new things, often will have a try. Children came into contact with it when a new language is the same. At this time, if teachers use some novel and interesting teaching methods, it can cause children's desire, so they are very excited to learn English when they learned when a simple sentence or Word, there will be a feeling of satisfaction, and will have good psychological, which wants to have more interest in learning English.
Interest is the best teacher, has a great role in promoting interest in English learning. If a person is interested in learning, is tireless, enjoy it. But it is not born, it requires teacher's Guide, training can be formed. Child care is good, love performing, be willing to accept something new, interesting, and teaching methods will have a direct impact on their interest in learning. Application of interesting teaching method, dull language as much as possible so that children are happy to accept. Interesting and creative forms of learning, so that children in play school, play, and create a good language for the children, this is beneficial to children's English learning and training child care quality in every aspect.
Second, a variety of teaching methods, improving early childhood interest in English play is the child's nature, for the game, they are most interested in. Enlightenment of children's English education, emphasis should be placed on the interest in learning English, if young children are interested in English, in the process of learning will show a positive mood, will actively integrate in the activities. Conversely, if you just pursue the word number sentence, that will the child's appetite, then they will be in a passive state.