Difficult to implement a year exam again this year? 2013 is still spoken English test

Department of Jiangsu province last year had an outgoing message, from 2012 onwards, the province will take the lead on college entrance examination of English listening and speaking "examination more than a year" pilot candidates have several opportunities to participate in the exam a year, not satisfied with the performance of the students can also choose to take the exam. However, according to the published content of the admissions questions and found that this senior is still in front of the entrance test of spoken English. This also means that learn English listening and speaking "examination more than a year" will not be implemented in 2013 candidates who, while "a year exam" accurate implementation time has not come.
Province in 2013 matriculation English oral testing combined with high school oral English level test, test time is scheduled for March 30, 2013 to 31st, by the candidate city, County (city, district) Department of education organizations. Other non-English languages spoken foreign language tests will be held on March 30, 2013 to 31st organized by the Admissions Office in Nanjing, testing location for the Admissions Office in Nanjing. Oral English test scores recorded candidates ' electronic archives, reference for the admission. In General, admissions colleges to apply for foreign language and literature and other candidates with foreign professional foreign languages written and spoken test scores are very important.