Brand course

Practical oral English training for adults

adult English level:

audience: those without English; who learned English for a long time without; want to learn some oral; persons going abroad to visit relatives.

    period: 12 weeks   

class: 18:30-21:00

content: 48 international phonetic alphabet pronunciation correction, the pronunciation of the letter combination rule; in English the basic syntax, morphology, syntax and sentence structure knowledge; based on oral, practical English sentence structure.

after learning skills: oral communication can be a simple life, around 600 vocabulary. lay a solid foundation for future learning.


adults practical English level II:

fit the object: there is a certain basis; but not bold open oral English is not fluent in

    period: 12 weeks
School hours: 18:30-21:00, two evenings/week

learning content: common life based on the spoken language, live oral, practical English sentence. Further learn English grammar and sentence structure knowledge. After
capacity: reach the General level of oral communication, able to read email in General, generic email reply.


adult English grade:  
audience: with a certain degree of English trainees who wanted to join the English secondary examinations; want to improve English skills, career up a notch on the application of
     Period: 12 weeks
class: 18:30-21:00, two evenings/week

learning content: improvement of the basic knowledge of writing. The attributive clause and non-finite form enhancement of subjects such as grammar and vocabulary, and oral presentation skills.

after learning capabilities: achieved good levels of oral communication, English can be used for general business writing.
advice: at the end of this level courses, students can participate in the public examination English intensive courses before the exam and testing learning outcomes.


adult English four levels:

audience: adult tertiary study; with a good language basis, trying to attain fluency in spoken; think of college English test band three people; people who want to trade oral breakthrough

    Period: 12-week

learning content: practical spoken sentence training; the gerund, past participle of in-depth study of non-finite. Practical application of compound.

school hours: 18:30-21:00, two evenings/week

after learning ability: able to communicate in English fluently spoken, have a certain level of writing, read and understand English website.

suggestions: and spoken Chinese and foreign teaching and learning better and can participate in the public test of English secondary intensive test PETS certificate.


adults practical English level:

audience: good English, wanted to achieve fluency in spoken English.

    period: 12 weeks
class: 18:30-21:00, two evenings/week
learning: application of compound sentences, writing, and basic business knowledge. Comprehensive training of listening and speaking

abilities after: General interpretation or general business communication, understand the original foreign film of life in General.
learning advice: Business English training , or oral English intermediate

adult English six levels:

audience: want to reach a higher realm in oral wanted to join the public three-English , College English test band four persons.

     period: 12 weeks
class: 18:30-21:00, two evenings/week
content: business writing. The comprehensive training of listening and speaking in the deep, understanding of the culture of English-speaking countries.
ability: to reach fluency level of business communication, listening, speaking, reading and writing very smooth
advice: Business English BEC preliminary examination or part in oral English advanced training.


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